3 Reasons You Should Avoid Too Much Sex

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Too Much Sex

Avoid too much sex if you don’t want these bad things to happen to you

There is no restriction or limit to the amount of intimate moment anyone can have, but there are physical issues that might leave you a little, shall we say, embarrassed and uncomfortable days later.

1. Female organ dryness: It can cause tears because prolonged friction will reduce the natural moisture produce by the body and this can be very painful.

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Too Much Sex

2. Urinary tract infection: There will Increased urge to urinate with little or burning sensation because fluid from male organ has Ph of seven which can support unhealthy bacterial within the female region and the risk of bladder infection.

3. Pain: Men can experience uneasiness and soreness from too much pounding. When men release 8 to 10 times over the weekend can cause pain and discomfort, according to Jonathan Schiff, an assistant professor at Urölogy at Icähn school of Medicine in New York City.

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Too Much Sex

Finally stop using intimacy to resolve relationship problems because it should be a source of pleasure and it is expedient to have natural drive for it to avoid having too much or painful moments.

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