6 terrible phases that may occur in a relationship

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6 terrible phases that may occur in a relationship

When it comes to relationships there are many different phases that a couple may go through.

These phases could be good or bad depending upon how you handle your relationship or maintain your equation with your partner.

Today we are here to tell you about the worst relationshipphase that you and your partner may face. If you are wondering what those phases could be, scroll down the article to read more.

1. Your partner starts hiding things from you

The key to a healthy relationship is all about maintaining transparency and trusting each other. This strengthens the base of your relationship and helps you in facing all the ups and downs in your relationship. Hiding things from each other can harm your relationship in a nasty way and this can really put your relationship through trouble. So if you have reached a point in your relationship, where your partner hides things from you then this could be a red flag for you.

2. Your relationship seem to be going nowhere

When you get into a relationship, you become happy to see that your relationship is moving towards stability, honesty and compatibility. You may see your relationshipas the perfect one. But if you and your partner feel that your relationship is going nowhere as you constantly feel like ending your relationship or regret being together, then this could be a bad phase. You may feel that you are with the wrong person.

3. Your partner blames you for everything

One of the worse phases in a relationship is when your partner blames you for everything. He/she would hold you responsible for every mishappening. Your partner would believe that because of you things are not going well. No matter what you do, your partner would never let you have credits for good things. This is because your partner feels that you are no longer good for anything.

4. Your relationship is more about fights and arguments

Though fights and arguments are inevitable in any relationship, going through a phase where you and your partner fight for anything and everything can be really depressing. You may feel that you and your partner are no longer compatible together. In fact, you will find that every single discussion turns into nasty fights. Thus, if this is happening in your relationship then you need to face this phase together.

5. Your partner doubts you all the time

Relationships suffer a lot when they go through a phase where couples doubt each other. This is indeed a difficult phase for couples where they do not feel comfortable in trusting each other as they feel their partner isn’t honest with them. This phase could affect your relationship in an adverse manner.

6. Your relationship seem quite toxic and annoying

There may come a phase in your relationship where you may find it toxic and annoying. You may feel that your relationship has no positivity and you are the one who is suffering the most. In fact, you may long for a better and healthy relationship where you and your partner are happy and compatible. As a result, you may wish to end the relationship and look for a happy and healthy one.

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