Olamide – Confession Aiye (Prod. by Samklef)

Olamide – Confession Aiye (Prod. by Samklef)

Olamide is one of my favorite rappers today, this guy spits pure yoruba flows and he’s as original as it gets. He‘s releases this single titled ‘confessions aiye’ . This is one good track I’d recommend to any music lover out there.

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Olamide – Confession Aiye (Prod. by Samklef)


The Lyrics:

continous rap without chorus
I fell off after my first album now am back again
Buh I no go let dem give me first attack again
Dem say devil no dey wear ordinary black again
He don dey package am with two chains go add swag again
All dat glitters aint gold is wat my mother told me
Esu n tempt mi buh ko le para toh mi
Awon angels ton guide mi eleje ni won
Won le s’anybody pa bin p’elede ni won
All dis niggas forming old skul lyk Nta2
Dem dey form rugged man

Se mo jo chinedu
Semi wa la were ni
Semi wa ko were je
Efe ku a b’efe lowo a b’olohun fe b’aye yin je
Te ba fe s’oriburuku yin e mo bi te ma se si
I work 4 my own money aint freaky lazy
Te ba fe ma form don ke mo bi tema se si
Lala yin to ro ke ile lo ma de si
Wen aint gat no money and i aint gat no shishi
Hustling d money nd I couldnt date chichi
Right now am balling am rocking dat gucci
Halloween buh fuck it am obsess wit givenchy
Living my dream man everyday am flexing
Funke Halimat Bukky dey are vexing

Okay am sorry buh bitch aint gat tym rememba wat u cal me back den……omo ita
Igboro lawa everybody lo mo story wa
Babalawo yin gan o le tap current glory wa
Wen we started from d bottom nobody to ri wa
Nw we’re here won wa n ro jo kiri lori wa
Ila owo kudi yato si ti salako
How many years to fi hustle to fi jeya ko
Se b’oba orinrin anada bi tipa ko
But Oluwa lo n bless t’egbe abi t’ogba ko
Won fe ba se mi je won fe blow job mi
Emi n blow mind nobody can stop mi
Eru ku ma jaye fun gbogbo hand cuff mi
Emi ni stuff to wa nu tea to wa nu cup mi
Hmmmn……won lo mo yen dun b’isi ewu
Olamide ma demo lo koni s’ewu
24/7 I dey on my grind yes

Dem say I dey mad nt even out of my mind yet
Moni ke ye ma fi blowblow we parachutte
Awon to n se talent hunt ti mo eni toma choose
Emi o nje k’anybody make decision fun mi
Won ni mo proud tori mo mo p’hustle mi sure fun mi
Eeba….shoutout s’awon modenine
Six-foot plus ruggedy baba twa…..
Eedris abdul karim area father
Lord of Ajasa M.l abaga
Dats where it stop mother fucker dats where it start
Any rapper dropping track if I like I’ll show love
Anybody fucking with me aint fucking with dem niggas
Only bang with Reminisce anybody fucking with us
Niggas sef look back he’s a nigger from d gutter
Iyalayin mother fucker don’t compare me with another
Am a loyal ghetto soldier
I dnt run from my brothers
Okada no get reverse bitch I only go further
Bitch I only go further(3x)
Y.b.n.l 1805
Samklef lo se beat yii
No one can know better dan dis
U cannot separate us……Ibile united
Total domination……
Street take over there’s notin u can do about it
Fuck you all niggas forming tush baba iya eyan


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