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DOWNLOAD Ifé – Darklight (EP)

African Soul female singer, Ife finally released her much anticipated Extended play project called Darklight EP.

The body of the work consists of 6 Revolutionary and Inspirational tracks.

  • Ifé – Oh My Love

Oh my love is a Pop genre love song that describes a lover’s commitment and steadfastness to stay true in all conditions. Ifé employs the use of her mother tongue, Igbo, English and Pidgin on the rendition.


  • Ifé – Ozo (Ft. Umu Obiligbo)

Ozo by Ifé featuring contemporary highlife/hip-hop duo Umu Obiligbo Is an Afro/Pop song, borne out of the desire to beautify ilu (Proverbs) of the Igbo culture, intertwined with melodies that are soothing, with energetic lyrics that strengthens the soul which gives humanity reasons to reflect on their behaviour as they live everyday.


  • Ifé – Omenana

Omenana which means “Tradition” conveys the message of the need for Africans to realize who they are and stand up for it in Unity. Ifé uses an Igbo folk tune as her theme which tells us that come what may, our traditions and values as Africans can never be taken away from us. Omenana is a song that appeals to Pan Africanists in all works of life.

  • Ifé – Ije Awele (feat. Unchained XL)

Ije Awele featuring Unchained XL is an African danceable tune with the inclusion of rap which adds another dimension to it. Ije Awele refers to arriving safely to a place of peace and communion in the society were skin colour doesn’t define who we are as love conquers all. The African and hip-hop fusion is smooth, making it ideal for young people who are lovers of Pop and Rap.

  • Ifé – Little Lady

Little Lady is a soulful song that describes the story of the girl-child. It conveys her emotions accompanied by the experiences she encounters in her everyday life reminding her that there’s light at the end of the tunnel if she holds on to dignity and purity.

  • Ifé – Black Bird

Black bird is an adaptation from an Igbo folk song titled “Nwa nnunu nta“. Ifé blends the folk tune into contemporary soul music without altering the original melody. The song speaks to African birds (humans) to return to their roots and embrace home which remains where they belong.


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