#EndSARS: Eniola Badmus Says, People Shouldn’t Cry For Her, That She’s Alive

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#EndSARS: Eniola Badmus Says, People Shouldn't Cry For Her, That She's Alive

Renowned actress, Eniola Badmus, has taken to her Instagram to make a three-minute video to urge her friends, family and fans not to cry for her as she is alive; hale and hearty.

There were reports online that the Ghetto Bred actress was part of the protesters shot by Nigerian law enforcement agents at the Lekki Toll Gate. She made the video in her house to allay the fears of her loved ones emphasising that she is not in the hospital.

She said, “So guys this is me, life and direct. Wow! I thank you so much, thank you so much to everyone that actually reached out to me. I am hale and hearty, there is nothing wrong with me I did not even go out today. Please do not cry for me, I am hale and hearty. There is nothing wrong with me. I am at home as you can see, I am not in the hospital; I am not in any kind of critical situation, look at me I am at home; I am hale and hearty guys. There is nothing wrong with me. Oh my God! I came back from road walk, I left my phones at home only for me to get back, I went into the shower. I decided to go through my phone and saw 300 missed calls. I was shocked.

Badmus continued with her show of appreciation, “To all my friends and fans. Thank you so much for checking up on me and looking out. Thank you my friends, family, celebrities, musicians, footballers, and everyone; I am hale and hearty. There is nothing wrong with me, I am not dead. They did not shoot me. I did not even go out, I was just around my estate there is nothing wrong with me, please do not panic. This fight is for all of us, we move still. We are tired but we know that the Lord will intervene. Guys, please do not panic, spread the word that I am not dead. I am alive. I am in a terrible state right now looking at everything happening online. It took me so much courage to come online but I have to let everyone know that I am fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Eniola Badmus is alive, I am not dead. This fight is for everybody.”

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