Oritse Femi – Mercies Of The Lord

Oritse Femi – Mercies Of The Lord

We pray For 2020 Mercies of the Lord should come down to his children!

Throwback back Thursday again! We present to you a memorable song by Nigerian singer, Oritse Femi song titled Mercies Of The Lord.

  • Artist: Oritse Femi
    Title: Mercies Of The Lord
    Format: Mp3

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Mercies of the Lord
Come down now to your children
Oh no oh oh hu oh yeah
Aanu Oluwa, anu Oluwa sokale lawa omo re nbere
Oh oh hu oh yeah
Mercies of the Lord
Come down now to your children
Oh oh hu oh yeah
Anu Oluwa sokale lawa omo re nbere
Mercies of the Lord oya ke ma ba mi lo
Everybody lo ngbadura kawon rona lo
Dagrin pelu OritseFemi
Olorunfemi, O kemi, Emimimo o we mi
Nigeria, ojojumo la nji riya
A ni ka maa se adura
Where is Mr Yar’adua
Jesu Iwo lo so pe kawon omode wa
But temi ba ma so maa so pe kawon omoge wa
saanu fun mi, devil you can’t fool
I’m covered with the blood
Ha ha nothing do me
Olorun gba wa lowo awon asebi
Won fe ka ku sinu ebi
Cos they know who we be
Rhymzo lo se beat yi
Olorun je ti se amin si hit yi
Saanu fun mi, gbogo funmi duro timi
come down to your children
Oritsefemi sing for the play
Baba show us love o
Once and for all o
No let us fall o
Baba God we dey beg o
O ye ye ye oritsefemi o
Baba show us love o
No let us fall o
Once and for all o
Baba God I dey beg o
Oh no oh no no
Of the Lord o come down to your children
Mercy mercy mercy
Mercy mercy mercy
Oh Lord have mercy
Mercies of the Lord please come down now
Come down and shower blessings on your children
We keep praying everynight today we need it
Pray to God to let the mercies of the Lord rain
Rain rain rain rain on your children
show us the way of peace to serve you in a right way
Lets blend blend blend blend together
Show us love oh oh
To our country Naija
Show we love oh baba mi o
For the face of our enemy
Show we love oh
Inside the music wey we dey play so
Baba show we love oh
Chineke na ra ekele oh
Me look around the place and what me see
Babylon dem try take over everything yeah
The youth of nowadays bone spirituality
All them care about is pure vanity yeah
My Lord oh come around and cleanse the place
Cos everything’s gone wrong oh
My God oh help us we follow your way
And let us feel your love oh
Now you I beg o
Father you I beg o
Show we your love o
Beg, we are beg oh
Earthquake, hurricane killing people everyday
Bribery and corruption is the order of the day
Nation against nation, this fighting e no go pay
Racial discrimination, black and white is not the way
Bad government leading my people astray
Some working everyday but their salary dem no dey pay
While some dey do juju because their magga no dey pay
I dey pray to Baba loke make He come show me the way yeah

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