THE NEW PATRIOTS Latest Yoruba Movie 2022

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Download THE NEW PATRIOTS Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Lateef Adedimeji|MoBimpe|Akin Lewis|Bimbo Oshin|Dele Odule 3gp, Mp4 Download for free.

An action packed movie depicting youth participation in politics in Aruguna. The unemployed youths wants more from the corruption infested government, hence they formed the group THE PATRIOTS. This tatics is ‘blind’ until they kidnap the daughter of the president of Arugunana. Starring Akin Lewis, Lateeef Adedimeji, Bimbo Oshin, Dele Odule, Adebimpe Oyebade, Motilola Adekunle, Damipe Adekoya, Bimbo Sunday, Yomi Olorunlaye and many more

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THE NEW PATRIOTS Latest Yoruba Movie 2022


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